Face Masks. Fact or Fiction?

As with everything in my life I have researched the pros and cons of face masks.  Here is a list of some of facts I have discovered:


TRUTH: Face masks have been worn by doctors and nurses in the hospitals and they did not pose a health risk BUT they have worn the best of the best face masks to protect the patient in surgery! Believing the cheap face masks will protect you, or the people around you, is brainwashing completed by the main stream media.  This is dividing the people!

LIE: Face masks do not protect you, they protect other people.  SOME people now believe IF you choose to NOT wear a mask you are selfish. Face masks do NOT protect other people. This is dividing the people!

TRUTH: Face masks pose a serious risk to healthy people but the brainwashed population of the people are fighting the educated on this.  This is dividing the people!

The truth is, the main stream media have done a great job of fear mongering.  We the people are following the news as IF it is the truth.  We have been programmed since the 1950’s (since the birth of television) that what we see is the absolute truth. 

Why are some people blindly following the masses?

Where is the respect we should have for all the lives of soldiers lost for our freedom? 

Demanding the general population to wear masks in public is NOT freedom, it is dictatorship.

Research has armed me with an opinion that is FACT BASED, not media based.  There is absolutely NO evident to support the use of masking to prevent viral transmission or infection.  The powers insisting on mandatory mask wearing do so as a “command”.  They are not offering facts.  They are not offering choice of the people.  They are offering to take our freedom of choice away one step at a time.

The Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA) recommends civil disobedience against mandatory masking. YES, an association FOR THE PEOPLE are trying to teach us that there are significant harms from widespread use of masks.   They are claiming governments are putting the general population at risk.

This has been copied and pasted from the OCLA website:

“Founding Principles:  There is a crying need in Ontario for a civil liberties association that stands for civil liberties.  We distinguish an individual’s societal influence by expression from an individual’s actuated power that derives from his/her institutional hierarchical position. We hold that the individual’s societal influence by expression, not structurally derived from the institutional and organizational hierarchy, is an absolute right, irrespective of race, gender, orientation, etc. We believe that societal health depends on the individual’s absolute right to free expression.”

Back to my thoughts:

At my place of employment I have compromised wearing a cloth type mask in the common areas of the building.  At most, I have wore the mask 5 or 10 minutes maximum.  This causes me to struggle with my breathing for approximately 2 hours after.  That in itself tells me something is happening to my body and it is not good.  In fact, a retired paramedic advised me that after only 5 minutes of wearing a mask, it has been proven that our oxygen levels drop by 8 to 10 points.  We should be measuring 98 points of oxygen in our blood.  After just 5 minutes, that level drops to 90 points and at 85 points our body begins to shut down, we get headaches, our muscles falter, we are at risk of passing out and our organs are on alert.

Furthermore, my research indicates that our natural immune systems will become compromised by wearing masks.  Our immune systems will exhale a foreign virus.  IF we are a carrier of a virus, our bodies will attempt to rid itself by exhaling through our breath.  Wearing a mask causes us to inhale, that exhale, which not only gives our body a greater chance of allowing the virus to take over our body, but can cause the virus the escalate into making us seriously ill.

That is my research and until you complete your own research you should not even attempt to debunk my claim.  As of today, we still live in FREEDOM and I intend to exercise my FREEDOM by choosing NOT to wear a mask for my health.  THAT is my God given right!  FREEDOM is NOT FREE, but it is worth taking a stand for something you truly believe in, no matter the cost!

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