The Twilight Zone 2020

Back in the 70’s I was in my early twenties, a small town girl living in the big city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  It was a time where my main goal in life was rising in the corporate world.  While many of my friends were getting married and having children, I wanted nothing of that, I wanted a career.  Therefore, I worked very hard during the week and played very hard during the weekends.  Still young and free, I was a nighthawk and loved watching the TV series, “The Twilight Zone” (usually televised around 1am).  To me, the show was entertaining and amazing all at the same time.

Little did I know back then, that one day the world would be living it’s own twilight zone in the year of 2020.  Yes, that is how I now view this entire year since the COVID-19 outbreak last winter.  First the world was in panic believing we were living a nightmare, a worldwide pandemic.  However, since that initial shock, it did not take long before some people began to realize it was not a pandemic, but rather a PLANDEMIC!

I consider myself fortunate that I woke up early in 2020 in regards to this COVID scam.  Every blessing brings with it trials and tribulations.  As we now approach the end of the year 2020, there is a great deal of miscommunication happening worldwide.  I can honestly say I have spent hundreds of hours in research these last 9 months, and have connected with other like-minded individuals with the same beliefs.

The world seems to be in an uproar right now.  People that believe in the COVID and people that do not.  The powers that be (currently, but not for much longer) have masterfully created a dividing of the people.  On a very large scale, people have become inconsiderate, rude, nasty, arrogant with little to no regard of respect.  In my opinion, the main stream media is the culprit with all their corrupt lies.  For anyone still believing in the main stream news on tele-a-vision please try listening to different news networks on the same evening.  You will hear the same lies, word for word, on each and every news network owned by the corrupt elite media.

I personally work at a high-class coastal resort where customer service is of utmost importance.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with rude, disrespectful guests that think the world is falling apart and IF you do not wear a mask you are an assassin purposely out to kill them.

Everyone’s worst behaviour traits are showing daily.  On my social media accounts, I have deleted and blocked upwards of 50 people in the past 5 months, and sadly that includes some family members.  Many of my family and friends are accepting of my views whether they believe in them of not, therefore, I am still blessed with some really good people in my life.  However, I have little to no patience with people whom have made it their life mission to attack.  What ever happened to live and let live?  Whatever happened to free speech?  What ever happened to respect?  The world we find ourselves in this year is not the world our forefathers envisioned.  It is getting increasingly difficult to understand how a large portion of the people are willing to give up their freedom, willing to do what they are told, just because they are told to do it.  To me, it is all a direct slap in the face to the soldiers of the past that lost their life for our freedom!


I consider myself a freedom fighter and have been fairly aggressive with my social media posts.  Some people contact me in private saying they too believe, but they are fearful of standing up and speaking out.  That is okay, I get the fear, I truly do.  Many are fearful of repercussions that might hurt their family, their friends, their employment, their business or whatever.

FEAR is nothing more than Fantasized Experiences Appearing Real.  Fortunately for me, I was faced with a life altering situation in the year of 2000 that forced me to face my worst fears.  I either faced those fears moving onward and upward, or I had the choice to crumble and fall.  It was at that time in my life that I created a mantra to live by, “If it is to be, it is up to me.”  Fast forward 10 years, after my Dad’s passing in the year 2010, I was again thrown into the pits of hell by family members I loved and trusted.  Again, I chose to rise, not fall.  Fast forward yet another 10 years, with COVID-19 and I just can’t buy into the fear tactics the world is being fed for widespread panic.  Perhaps the last 20 years of my life set me up to rise, challenge and stand strong so easily!

The trials and tribulations COVID brought into my life, and continues to bring into my life, has definitely been challenging causing much anxiety and stress.  However, it has brought me to this pivotal point in life to make some choices.
I choose freedom.
I choose my thoughts.
I choose my beliefs.
I choose truth.

I choose love.

I believe the main purpose of life is LOVE not money and from where I stand right now, I can clearly see the end of my current employment due to some very damaged people attacking the innocent but that is a subject for another blog LOL.

I am old enough to remember Jimi Hendrix and rock star hippie he was.  He seemed to be way ahead of his time by quoting this before his untimely death, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

The only way to PEACE is to LOVE. 

The time is NOW.