DESTRUCTION OF LOVE – A Journey to Freedom

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Born and raised in a small town in Ontario, Canada Kathryn is the youngest of three children who inherited the motto “Giving up is not an option” from her beloved parents.

By twenty-five she held three college certificates, in Financial Accounting, Human Resources and Computer Studies. Subsequently, she worked as an Instructor/Trainer, Information
Technologies Manager, Human Resources Administrator and in Finance.

Her success in business led her to personal growth topics, and eventually she found the courage to exit a 23-year abusive relationship. “It was at that lowest point in my life that I began to feel a new sense of strength. The abuse chipped away at my independence and my sense of self, but it also awakened, and then strengthened, my determination to find a better life,” she explains.

“My personal journey to empowerment was a slow and steady uphill climb.  I owe many thanks to the people in my life that walked beside me and held me up while walking through the many depths of despair.  I owe even more gratitude to all the people in my life that tried to beat me down.  Without their many forms of torment I would never have summoned the strength, courage and determination to create new life of love, harmony and joy,” she explains.

Ms. Ryder now devotes her time to helping other abused women find a whole new beginning in their life. This book is dedicated to them.

The events in this story are based on real events, but the names, dates and geographical locations are entirely fictional. Quotes were taken from daily personal journals as well as recollection. Some were edited to avoid repetition or for brevity. This story reflects Kathryn’s personal perspective on abuse and how it relates to her life experiences.

This book is intended to broaden the reader’s knowledge of abusive type personalities and help those targeted by an abuser to find a better life. It is not a substitute for the advice of trained professionals, in the medical, psychological, law enforcement or any other field. Keep safety your first priority.


Fear Forward

In Pursuit of Healing
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