The goldenrod plant is often blamed for allergic reactions like runny nose, itchy eyes, headache, and congestion, particularly in mid- to late-summer.  However, goldenrod isn’t likely the plant causing your suffering, but rather the ragweed plant.  Ragweed is green without the bright yellow flowers. 

What’s so good about goldenrod tea?

Drinking this tea regularly is believed to remove free radicals and toxins

Relieves allergy symptoms of sneezing, rashes, or itching

Effectively soothes sore or itchy throats due to viruses

Potential expectorant that can expel mucus in the lungs and treat nasal congestion

Can reduce a fever due to symptoms of the flu

Has a diuretic property able to support kidney and bladder health

Contains an anti-bacterial property able to prevent infection in the mouth, treat inflamed gum, toothache, and oral bleeding

How to brew goldenrod tea:

add goldenrod flowers/leaves to a tea pot

boil distilled water and pour into the teapot

simmer the tea for as long as you want (the longer, the stronger)

can add dash of lemon and/or some honey (if desired)


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