Today is my mother’s birthday, she turns 89 years old.  This peaceful, loving, cherished soul lives in a old-age retirement residence which is beyond my control (long story of dysfunctional family dynamics).  Due to government restrictions (c-o-v-i-d abbreviated as CV in this post) I have not been able to visit my Mom since February 2020 and I am not alone in this dilemma.

She lost her only son in 1993, and her husband of 57 years in the year of 2010.  The last time I saw Mom she had absolutely no recollection that these 2 men were ever in her life (and she had no idea who I was either).  In the year 2018 she lost her eldest daughter but she had no idea, because she did not know she had a daughter (let alone 2 daughters).  It is because of her illness that I digress, please keep reading…

Did you know the aluminum  build-up in the brain causes neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s disease?  How is that possible?  Aluminum is toxic to the human body, so why would we live in a world where it could enter the body?  Did you know aluminum is in many things we use every day.  To name a few products:

      • It’s in our antiperspirant
      • It’s in our beauty products
      • It’s in the air we breathe
      • It’s in our food
      • It’s in ALL vaccines

In addition, my research has indicates the CV jab has more serious effects, and kills more people (especially the old generation) than CV itself.  This information is currently hard to find and you will not find it on the tel-e-vision main stream media news, which in my opinion, is censored (but that is another topic not to be discussed here).

We are entering October in two days and the weather is getting cold here in Canada.  Our freedom is at risk as the government implements stricter and stricter measures in the name of a CV pandemic.  If those in power have permitted the poisoning of humanity, most especially our elders and now have isolated those elders to die alone in their last few years of life, are those in power really, truly, concerned about humanity? 

This story is but a drop in the ocean about what those in power of the world have been doing to the health of humanity as a whole.  If these people were indeed caring about the health of humanity why are so many people homeless?  Why are families falling into poverty as people around the world are losing their jobs?  Why (here in Canada) has the government “quietly” reduced employment insurance from $500/week to $300/week (yes, a drop of $200 a week = $800 a month) effective 3 days ago?  Why are families, most especially children starving?  There is a vaccine for starvation, it is called food!

This entire take over by the governments screams LOSS OF FREEDOM to millions around the world.   Although these millions are labeled “conspiracy theorists” they are actually “freedom fighters” rising for themselves, their families, their friends and their worst enemies!

I ventured into town the other day to shop at Dollarama, and as usual, NOT wearing a mask.  Walking down the aisle I noticed an elderly lady following me, every time I stopped to look at something she stopped.  Finally, I turned and began walking towards her.  She panicked, turned and ran the other way.  It did not anger me, but rather, I felt compassion for that elderly woman (wearing a mask) so consumed in fear of this CV (so called) pandemic.

The people believing this pandemic are in FEAR which in my opinion is nothing more than:

      • Fantasized
      • Experiences
      • Appearing 
      • Real

Just finished reading an article from a retired veteran that fought in war to save our freedoms and had the unfortunate experience of seeing his fellow soldiers pay with their life.  He outright said, “If you are conforming to this CV tyranny, do not attend any Remembrance Day celebrations”.  Seriously, why are so many people disrespecting the millions of soldiers that lost their lives for our freedom?  The world still has millions of military soldiers around the world protecting our freedom.  What about them?  

The government has come a long way since “2-weeks to flatten the curve”.  They have, one-step-at-time, taken away our freedom.  Millions of people around the world know this, but are being silenced by those in power.  The powerful, corrupt billionaires have convinced many people to follow their agenda.  These followers trust the government and will pay with their health in doing so.  Those in power have convinced the followers that the freedom fighters are “conspiracy theorists”. 

Is it not strange that the conspiracy theorists have been one step ahead warning everyone what is next?  Why are masses following this agenda not realizing this?  The freedom fighters are NOT enjoying being labelled as crazy.  They do not enjoy their loss of freedom (about to get worse) by refusing the vaxxes.  They are distraught by the loss of family members and friends choosing to banish them from their lives.  Many are feeling sad and alone but just cannot even pretend to go along with the tyranny.  Every freedom fighter continues to hold onto hope and faith that we will soon see the tide turn into a better life on Earth.  

When do we reach the plateau of having enough of this tyranny?  When will the freedom fighters begin to rise?

Please click here to read the article, “Fear Is a Bully That Will Run Like a Coward”.

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