Are you one of the millions in Canada wanting to rise against this current tyranny?  The solution is quite simple.

Many of us are concentrating on the tyranny, on the vaxxed people fighting us, on the businesses cooperating with the unlawful mandates causing us to feel lost at what to do.  We need to rise peacefully, individually or in great numbers.

What does that mean?  How do we rise peacefully?  The main ingredient of winning against negativity is to concentrate on the solution, NOT the problem!  In all my research over the past few decades it has been repeatedly suggested IF you want to support PEACE to cancel war, do NOT fight against the war, but rather – concentrate on the PEACE.  Talk about peace, intend to find peace and join together in creating peace.  Do not fight the war, ignore the war.

A great start would be to create an affirmation to repeat as much as possible throughout the day.  Feel free to click here to read this short article about creating positive affirmations. 

Alternatively, you can use this affirmation, “The planet Earth is rising into a world of love, peace and harmony.  And so it is!”


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