Canada is currently experiencing pressure from all angles to take the jab.  The corrupt powers are attacking this from all angles – employment, schools, gyms, weddings, restaurants and the list is becoming endless.  Every week they create yet another mandate adding to the long list of the lost freedom for the un-vaxxed.  The main stream media is pumping up the vaxxed as 1st class citizens with fear mongering so they will look at the un-vaxxed with disdain.  The old “Divide and Conquer” is running rampant these days.

The time has come to make a choice, it is no longer possible to live in a “grey area”, but rather the system is forcing “black and white” decisions.  Get the jab, or else lose your employment.  With the fear looming of absolutely no income, many feel they are left with no option but to take the jab.  Others, are refusing the jab at all costs because they know, and inner stand, the health risks of the jab.

This blog calls to all patriots of freedom that are standing firm and holding the line.  Do you feel it is high time us patriots find each other?  What skills can you offer to your neighbors either for income or trade? Are you a farmer of food?  Are you a nurse or PSW?  Are you an energy healer?  Are you a massage therapist?  Are you a teacher or daycare provider?  Are you a seamstress?  Can you create products your neighbors might need?  Are you educated in natural healing commodities?   What are your talents and experience?  

Has anyone given any thought to how the health care industry seems to be crashing?  Doctors, nurses, PSW’s and other health care providers are walking out refusing the jab.  People from all walks of life are walking out on their employment.  Give some thought to what this is creating.  The list is endless of what “we the people” are going to need as the governmental society continues to collapse.  Are you willing to step up to offer your talents when the need arises?  Here we are in October, heading into a cold winter in Canada.  

As the government continues to mandate mass vaccinations are you feeling a need to prepare? Are you feeling a need to find your tribe, to join together with like-minded people in your community?  There really, truly is power in numbers.   The questions remains … how can we do this? 

Telegram seems to be offering open and truthful communication.  Therefore, can we join together in creating Telegram groups according to geographical area?  Can we get a few people from each area to become an admin of their local group (on Telegram) to birth this force for the sake of all?  Are you willing to get involved?  

The following groups (based on geographical counties, districts and municipalities) are actively being created on Telegram (try clicking your location):

Ontario Counties:

        • Bruce
        • Dufferin
        • Essex
        • Frontenac
        • Grey
        • Haliburton
        • Hastings
        • Huron
        • Lambton
        • Lanark
        • Leeds & Grenville
        • Lennox & Addington
        • Middlesex
        • Northumberland
        • Perth
        • Peterborough
        • Prescott & Russell
        • Renfrew
        • Simcoe
        • Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry
        • Wellington

Ontario Districts:

        • Algoma
        • Cochrane
        • Kenora
        • Manitoulin
        • Nipissing
        • Parry Sound
        • Rainy River
        • Sudbury
        • Thunder Bay
        • Timiskaming

Ontario Municipalities:

        • Barrie
        • Belleville
        • Brant
        • Brantford
        • Brockville
        • Chathan-Kent
        • Durham
        • Gananoque
        • Guelph (refer to Wellington County)
        • Haldimand
        • Halton
        • Hamilton
        • Kawartha Lakes
        • Kingston
        • London
        • Muskoka
        • Niagara
        • Norfolk
        • Orillia
        • Ottawa
        • Oxford
        • Peel
        • Pembroke
        • Peterborough (refer to Kawartha Lakes)
        • Prescott
        • Prince Edward
        • Quinte West
        • Smith Falls
        • St. Marys
        • St. Thomas
        • Stratford
        • Toronto
        • Waterloo
        • Windsor
        • York

If you like this idea and would like to an admin (in Telegram) for the group in your area feel free to contact us for more information.  Let’s rise together, there is power in numbers…hold the line! 


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