Kathryn Ryder began her “Journey to Freedom” in the year 2001 when she walked out of a dysfunctional relationship of over 20 years.  She then wrote the book “Destruction of Love – Journey to Freedom” dedicated to all the women out there struggling to find a life of freedom, far away from abuse!  The book is based on her true life story clearly describing the trials and tribulations of living, and leaving, an abusive relationship.  Click here to read or download the e-book for free.

BREAKING FREE PODCAST SERIES was originally created in the year of 2009 for abused women that had left their dysfunctional relationships.  This series helps one to understand the dynamics of “bully-vs-target” which is exactly what the citizens of the world (targets) are now facing with their governments’ (bully) power and control tactics.  For anyone struggling with the current world dilemma, you are invited to give a listen to any (or all) of these free short podcasts (approximately 12 minutes each) by clicking on any title below.

Acknowledge the Fear 

Discovering Blackmail

The Blackmailer

Getting to Know Yourself

Taking Responsibility




Positive Thinking










Healing Through Self Guidance

Making Lemonade

POSITIVE, MOTIVATIONAL ARTICLES In addition to the above podcasts, you might be interested in these short articles that will add to your knowledge of “bully-vs-target” type scenarios.  These articles were created with the intention of helping abused women (target) gain back their confidence after being beaten down by their abuser (bully).  Happy reading! 

Be Persistent


FEAR is a Bully That Will Run Like a Coward

Raging is a Battle for Power & Control

Let Stress Motivate You 

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

Happiness Sometimes Requires Change

Discovering Blackmail

Your Chatterbox

Affirmation – Releasing Your Habit 

Dreaming One Step at a Time

Positive Affirmations Help Create a New Life

Do It Your Way

Beware of the Universal Law of Attraction

Strength & Courage

Acknowledge Your Positive Past