Be Persistent

Persistence can be defined as, “Continued effort or existence.” Used in a positive manner it can be a very powerful tool in the success of any goal.

As a survivor of domestic abuse I can now look back and see how my abuser was persistent. He would not give up until he got what he wanted. He wanted, what he wanted, when he wanted it and that was that! He used any means necessary, including power, manipulation and control to win his battle. At the time, I didn’t even know I was involved in a battle.

This trait in my abuser was not visibly obvious to me until I walked away and began my long Journey to Freedom. I soon learned to put a positive spin on his display of persistence, helping me create the new life I so desired.

Through my personal experience of healing from abuse, persistence is:

Never, ever, give up
No matter what happens, keep on keeping on
When you get knocked down, get right back up again
Mistakes are lessons meant to enrich your life
One important key to success
During my quest for personal power I was faced with a great deal of opposition from well-meaning people. Although there were many reasons for this, I sight change as the main culprit. People, in general, do not like change. For me, the only way to fuel my strength, to distance myself from abuser, was to invoke a great deal of change in my actions, my life and my goals. Imagine my surprise when my support system, made up of close family and friends, began to knock me down one-by-one.

Statements, such as the following, were being hurled my way:

How did you become so selfish?
You most certainly have changed, and not for the better!
What makes you so special to dream for a better life?
If everyone thinks you are wrong, why do I think you are right?
What makes you think you can actually achieve success?
You may wonder, “How did I deal with this?”

The answer is quite simple, “I became persistent!”

This was no easy feat for a woman that had suffered a long-term abusive relationship. Once hiding in the shadows of other sheep, I not only had to separate myself from the general herd of sheep but I had to stand tall to the ridicule of the masses.

Thus birthed within me a new quest for knowledge. In attempt to stay positive in mind set, I began to research real-life stories and biographies of successful people. Although the list could be endless, here are just a few examples of how well-known people in our history persisted against all odds:

(1) Lucille Ball was dismissed from drama class because she was too shy
(2) Thomas Edison was told he was stupid in school
(3) Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team

Truth is:

It’s easy to stand with the crowd
It takes courage to stand alone
While the key to success lies in many factors, the habit of persistence is definitely a golden gem of opportunity. Through my own life experiences persistence requires you to:

Believe in yourself
Have faith in yourself
Find the strength to go against the flow
Find the courage to stand alone (away from the crowd and general population)
Be willing to endure endings that can make way for new beginnings
Persistence, partnered with other positive life-skills, helped me create a new beginning in my life. Your mind is a very powerful tool, believe and you can achieve.

Stand strong, have faith and go for it!

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