Beware of the Universal Law of Attraction

I personally believe in the unlimited possibilities of Universal Law of Attraction. Through my research I have discovered much of our greatest inventors in history used this law to their benefit. How did they do that?

It is my understanding that utilizing this Universal Law of Attraction to the best of its ability involves the following process:

(1) Thought/Idea
(2) Dream
(3) Goals
(4) Affirmations
(5) Visualize
(6) Plan
(7) Action

I believe the first step to create anything into your life begins with a mere thought or idea. If you like the idea enough you may decide to own it as your dream. A dream is just a dream without creating some goals to make it a reality. While not a necessity, creating affirmations and visualizing are powerful tools to aid in the achievement of your dream. Pulling all of this together into a plan helps you take the action required to make your dream a reality.

However, reader beware! Much of what is being taught today on this subject is unrealistic. The true dangers of this Universal Law lies in the interpretation. While you can easily manifest things into your life, the question remains, “Is it sustainable?”

Now lets say your belief in the Universal Law of Attraction ignites within you a dream to live in a spacious, beautiful home full of pleasant furnishings, complete with all the latest appliances. You dream it, you believe it and you decide you will go for it. You then manage to finance a mortgage complete with new household furnishings and appliances. In fact, during the process you also decide to reach for the stars and finance a new vehicle. Life looks great, you have it all. Or do you? What happens after you complete the financing? You are left with huge debts to repay. Not only could this cause a great deal of strain on your income but it can easily become unsustainable if life throws lemons your way. No one plans on unemployment, illness, divorce, death or many other unfortunate situations.

I suggest keeping yourself grounded while applying the Universal Law of Attraction to chase your dream. Please understand, I am in no way suggesting you not follow your dreams. I am an achiever believing you can achieve anything you dream. I know this to be true because I have created a new life for myself against all odds.

What I am suggesting is to take one step at a time. If you have a dream to shoot for the stars, go for it. Just don’t overshoot in a rush to get there. The pursuit of all dreams requires patience, persistence, determination, faith and courage.

The dream of living in a spacious, beautiful home full of pleasant furnishings, complete with all the latest appliances is attainable to anyone willing to pay the price. Life is all about choices. Choosing the easy route by financing your entire dream life can cause it to come crashing down around you when you least expect it. Defining clear goals, while taking all necessary action towards your dream, may take some time to achieve your dream but achieve you will. Once achieved it can be yours for the keeping, not for the creditors to repossess.

One step at a time.
One day at a time.
Believe and you can achieve!

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