Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

COMFORT ZONE… When you find yourself stuck in your current reality by believing your internal self-critic chatter. Chatter that fuels your self-doubt, floods you with undeserved guilt and literally sucks the life out of you by making you believe all the negative chatter is real.

Do you want to break out of this self-imposed prison? Read on…

Where did this self-critic come from? Most of it birthed throughout your childhood years. Did you know your life experiences actually define who you are and who you become? That is, until, you realize you can change your current reality by changing your belief system.

The question then becomes, “How can you change your beliefs?”

(1) Become aware of your self-critic.
(2) Challenge that critic.

How can you challenge your critic? Begin by attentively listening to it. When you do this you will likely be shocked! Where does all that negative chatter come from? The truth is it was created by well-meaning mentors over the course of your life.

…People in your life that cared about you.
…People that believed you would be a better person if you changed to their way of thinking.
…People in your life that wanted to control you so you would do it their way.

The majority of these people did with the best of intent. Most likely, they were people you loved. They were your role models taking care of you. Most of them cared deeply for you. They only did what they felt was in your best interest. They had no idea what type of destruction they were creating within you.

Try thinking back to your childhood. Can you think of an incident that created just one of your long-held beliefs?

I can still hear my Dad saying, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” My parents worked extremely hard all their life while my father used his intelligence to create a wealthy financial nest egg for their retirement. As children, me and my siblings were taught to work hard, very hard. The theory was, if one needed money work for it. Work, work, work and then work some more.

Can you imagine what this one seed planted in our heads created? My beloved older brother dropped dead from congestive heart failure at the age of thirty-nine. I worked myself into emotional exhaustion by the same age!

I have since learned that life is not all about work. I now believe it is important to balance your life between work, rest and play. Taking it one step further, I spent years researching successful people. Armed with this new knowledge I now believe you owe it to yourself to follow your heart…it leads you to your destiny.

Honor your calling, everybody has one. Trust your heart and success will come to you. My journey of changing my belief system of work and money did not happen overnight. It first lead me into the experience of living in poverty. I treasure that experience because of what it taught me.

…It humbled me.
…It gave me strength.
…It blessed me with the will to change.
…It taught me perseverance and determination – giving up was not an option.
…It created within me a desire to succeed.
…It brought me lessons of equality, worthiness and compassion.

Yes, the first step to changing your beliefs is to change your thought patterns. This is the secret ingredient to challenging your self-critic.

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