Dreaming One Step at a Time

I truly believe a life without dreams is a life without hope. Hope for a little something in your life, or hope for an exciting future all begins with an idea. Ideas and dreams require you to take action if it is to become a reality in your life.

The question is, “How do you do that?”

Lets begin by putting your dream in writing. Write it down on a piece of paper. For example, “My dream is to attend University next year.”

The second step is take one small step towards that goal. What can you do right now to make your dream a reality? Now, if you do nothing towards reaching that dream, what are the chances of it becoming a reality? The answer is simple, “You have no chance of making any dream a reality without taking some sort of action towards it.” Dreaming without action is futile. Dreaming without action leaves you with just a dream.

However, dreaming partnered with action can lead you success. Your choice, your way!

Most people don’t even begin to chase their dream because of pessimistic attitude. Learn to become an optimist. Don’t let your end goal overwhelm you with impossibility. For instance, perhaps you already perceive a hurdle of not having enough money to attend University. At this early point in your goals try to ignore that.

For a moment try to imagine the great inventors of our history looking at the end goal and becoming overwhelmed. Where would we be today if Thomas Edison took his ingenious goal of inventing electricity and let it overwhelm him with impossibilities?

Take on an optimistic attitude. Take one baby step at a time. Baby steps lead to steps, steps lead to strides and strides lead to goal accomplishment. The question to ask yourself is, “What is one small step I can take right here, right now, to help make my dream a reality?” It is important to take that first step because it will lead you to the next step, then to the next step, then to the next step until it is accomplished.

Start where you are right now. Just begin and each step will lead you closer to your dream goal. Of course you might encounter obstacles. You can conquer each obstacle placed in your path with enough determination to reach your dream goal.

The truth is, in the end it all boils down to just one thing, “How much do you want to achieve your dream goal?”

Take that first step to move from dreamer to achiever today…

…make a commitment to your dream…
…be determined to achieve that dream…
…greet each obstacle with faith and keep moving forward…
…refuse to be defeated…
…and NEVER, ever give up!

What are you willing to do to accomplish your dream goal?

Here is a summary formula to attain your dream goal(s):

#1 – Your DREAM begins with an idea

#2 – Set your first GOAL to begin right now

#3 – Take one STEP at a time

#4 – ACCOMPLISH your final dream goal

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