Journey to Freedom – The Time is NOW

It is nearing the end of September 2021 and the world is reeling from loss of worldwide freedom due to government mandates regarding an epidemic of the COVID virus.  This post is to help people around the world stand strong, to help them believe in themselves, to help them join humanity in rising for world freedom and peace. 

For about a decade, I dedicated my life to helping abused women find a whole new beginning in their life.  This was done by educating these woman (targets) about how their abuser (bully) managed to gain control and power over their life.

It seems quite fitting at this time to offer these articles to the people in hopes they might begin to understand the dynamics of power and control, and how to take back their freedom.  Please click here (and scroll down past the podcasts) for a summary of positive, motivational articles that  might interest you. 

There is power in numbers, the time is NOW to rise for our God given right to FREEDOM!  

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