Positive Affirmations to Create a New Life

Affirmations can be used to create a continuous flow of positive thoughts into your subconscious mind, thereby, helping you create a new life. From the time you wake in the morning your mind is on constant chatter with thousands of thoughts, all day long. Did you know your thoughts are on automatic pilot? You might be interested to learn most of these automatic thoughts are totally ignored by your conscious mind.

These thoughts, which I prefer to label as your “Chatterbox”, are most likely negative in nature, compliments of your childhood experiences. The negative Chatterbox was birthed through well-meaning adults trying to conform you into the little person they wanted you to become. Unfortunately, most baby boomers were programmed through unhealthy tactics such as shaming, belittling, anger and/or corporal punishment. In short, we learned to live in our own private world that involved beating up on ourselves, using thousands of negative thoughts per day.

To make matters worse, it is said, “What we think about we bring about.” Look around your life right now. What you see is what you have created through the power of thought. You might like what you see ~ you might not. If your life is not what you want, if there is room for improvement, if you want to create change, please read on…

You possess the power to reprogram your negative Chatterbox making it your best possible ally. One such tool for change is creating positive affirmations. First, you have to figure out what it is you do want. What is the change you want to see in your life? Perhaps you want more money to get out of debt. Would you like to get a better job? Maybe you are unemployed wishing for a job, period. Does your heart yearn for a loving partner to share your life with? To improve your life you must at least have a good idea of what you want to change. Take some time to create a wish list for your life.

With your “wish list” in hand, you can now begin to create some affirmations. Let’s say you want more money to get out debt. Your first thought for an affirmation might be, “I want to get out of debt.” Let’s review this statement, “I want” will keep your life in the state of wanting get out of debt” will keep your mind focused on debt, thereby, not creating a life free of debt.”
One possible positive affirmation for wanting more money to get out of debt would be, “I am so happy and grateful to be living a life full of financial abundance.”  Let’s review this statement:
“I am” is a strong statement for the most powerful self to emerge 
“so happy” will attach a positive emotion 
“and grateful” expressing your gratitude is important 
“to be living” states the affirmation in present tense (as if you are living it NOW) 
“a life full of financial abundance” states the goal you want to achieve

Affirmations are of no use unless you use them as a daily tool as follows:
1. Write/type the affirmations on paper or index cards 
2. Post them around your home, in your vehicle and/or around your work space 
3. Speak your affirmations (aloud if possible) every morning upon waking 
4. Take your time, concentrate on the words of the affirmations 
5. Feel the emotion of having already achieved your affirmations 
6. It is useful to look in the mirror while speaking your affirmations 
7. Smile and feel good about the affirmations 
8. Speak your affirmations (aloud if possible) every night before going to sleep 
9. During the day, replace your negative thoughts with one of your positive affirmations 
10. Be patient, it takes time ~ repeat, repeat, repeat your affirmations day in and day out
Taking the time to create, and properly use, positive affirmations can literally change your life!

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