RISING – Chasing the Carrot

Have you ever heard of “chasing the carrot”?  When I reminisce about my life-long business career I seemed to be always chasing the carrot that my employer dangled in front of me.  That is, if I requested a raise, the reply would be to continue my hard work and when finances are available I will surely get rewarded.  As I continued to work above and beyond what was expected in my employment, my reward (be it monetary or other) would always be hanging out in front of me, just far enough I could not touch the carrot to redeem my reward.  This cycle would present itself no matter who the employer was.

Does this sound familiar to you?   It seems to me the entire world is now chasing the carrot.  Things like, 2 weeks to flatten the curve has turned into 20 months… yes 20 months!  What about isolating and wearing masks?  Do not leave your home, but if you must, wear your mask to stop the spread!

According to those in power, it did not stop the spread!  They then flipped to the vaccine roll-out (which are not actually vaccines but experimental injections of some sort).  The carrot of dropping the mask with lifted travel restrictions for the vaccinated seemed enticing.  The people believing this as truth, ran to get their jab only to discover a short time later, whoops, you have to wear your mask anyway because you can still spread the virus to other people. 

Fast forward a few more weeks and oh, vaccinated people might not be safe to get on an airplane due to heart attacks (and more) which is a side effect of the vaccine but do not fear, the vaccines are safe! 

Fast forward (yet again), the vaccine does not stop the spread of the virus but it will help you recover faster, with less severe symptoms should you contract the virus. 

Fast forward (yes – again), there are new variants of the virus surfacing that requires booster shots because the original vaccines will not protect you from the new variants.  The carrot offers just one more shot!

Fast forward (the fear just won’t stop), the virus is mutating and the unvaccinated are spreading the virus at an extreme level of danger.  Those in power are suggesting the vaccinated must take the responsibility to convince the unvaccinated to take the jab or life will never return to normal!  Plan to divide the people?

Fast forward the fear… mainstream media news, some health care facilities and workers are now publicly claiming the non-vaccinated people do not deserve health care at hospitals.  The powers that control this narrative have been suggesting that people refusing the vaccinations will have consequences.

Fast forward the control… the powers in control are now mandating forced vaccines to certain employees, not all…well, not yet (likely to be forced at a later date?).  They are also mandating some businesses to demand presentation of vaccine passports to enter their place of business.  What about, my body, my choice?  What about the policy of protecting confidential personal information?  Are we to ignore all of this to help stop the spread of a virus that has a 98% recovery rate?

Fast forward more fear… mainstream media news is claiming the rise in virus cases is due to the non-vaccinated.  May I ask, if the non-vaccinated are hearing they do not deserve health care and refusing the vaccines carry consequences, why would the non-vaccinated attend a health care facility?  They would NOT, they have done their due diligence in research to heal themselves at home with alternate therapy that does not include the dangers of the vaccine or pharmaceutical medicine.

It might be worth considering that the carrot being offered is fictitious, we the people will never see a return to normal (as we knew it over 20 months ago).  Some claim, the only way out of this tyranny is to rise as one humanity; stop  permitting the powers in control to divide the people; we are all one, we must stand together!

Countries all over the world are rising and the main stream media is not reporting such.  Perhaps it is time to ask yourself, what are they hiding and why? 

Every step the of the way (during the past 20 months) the media has shouted CONSPIRACY THEORY.  Have you been paying attention?  The so-called conspiracy theorists have been trying to advise you of what is coming before it happens!  However, no one seems to have memory of THAT.  Has the time arrived to think logically?  Think outside the box?  Is it time yet to start asking questions to your conspiracy co-workers, friends and family?

It is my opinion, time is NOW to unite as one Earth.  We the people can rise as one race on this planet Earth… what are you waiting for?

Love is the answer.  NOW, what is the question? 

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